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Hydro-jetting versus Snaking Cabling Your Sewer Line
Water Heater Repair In Rancho Cucamonga & Chino Hills, CA
Holly Floor & Wall Furnaces a Blast from the Past in Monrovia, CA
Copper Repiping your Ontario California Home
Plumber-Montclair Backflow Tester and Repair
Rusty Water? Low Water Pressure? Copper Repiping Fast
Plumbing Repairs, Plumbing Maintenance & Repairs Save Money

Hydro Jetting


Hydro-jetting versus Snaking Cabling Your Sewer Line

When your home or business's sewer line is backing up and overflowing with #1 and #2, all bets are off! You need help fast! with the main concern being to clear the blockage and prevent any secondary damage. But once the fire is put out, has the problem been taken care of properly.......or has the problem just been postponed? Great question! lets look at the situation.When you roto-rooter, snake, or cable a sewer line.....basically what is a cable machine is working it's way into the sewer line to physically break up the obstruction. This can be a very effective way of clearing the blockage! if yes if! done correctly! How can you screw it up? you ask! very easily I assure you! the ways are many! and can be dangerous to your plumbing......or worse yet......your body! There are many stories I can relate to you, about people getting seriously in trouble with running a sewer machine. Twisting up cables inside your sewer is the least of the issue! twisting up a cable around a body part and popping it off is a real possibility!!! I've seen it happen! So assuming the operator is competent, then the next issue is using the proper size machine and cable! if that is sorted out, then the last issue is selecting the proper blade attachment. The way it works is, you run the cable and blade into the blockage and let the cable build up torque. Once the just right amount of torque builds up......your either clear the blockage or twist up the cable inside the machine or the pipe! When done correctly the pipe can be cleared effectively but not completely, specifically when dealing with roots. This is where a cable machine falls short! with a full size blade (4" blade 4" pipe) basically the walls are scraped down including the obstruction. The roots are fibrous and wont be removed by scraping the walls. 
This is where the Hydro jetter comes in to fill the void that a cable could never do! Roots, Grease, Accumulation, Scale, Sand and Grit!.......No Problem! for the jetter! There are various nozzles and hoses to fit all applications. We have specialty stainless steel and bronze trap hoses for smaller lines in commercial kitchens or food production plants. These hoses are capable of clearing out grease and food obstructions, depending on the severity of the blockage we will run the cable down the line to open the line. We will then follow up with the hydro-jet hose to remove the build up and restore proper flow. We service many commercial kitchens and its always amazing to see the coagulated grease blow out of a clean out and then show the customer how effective the jetter really is!!!
Plumber in San Bernardino County | Plumber San Bernardino County California And when roots are present in the line.......that's where the hydrojetter really shines! When we screw on the Warthog nozzle......the roots cower in fear!!! we'll make several passes with the Wart Hog and then follow up with sewer camera to verify results! it's like night versus day!!! Amazing is all I can say!. and if there is a spot we missed??? we use the camera to park the Wart Hog nozzle on the roots.....and fire up the 4000 psi and vaporize the stragglers! Problem solved! Now this is not a permanent solution! but it will greatly extend the working life of the drain or sewer. So when faced with thousands and thousands of dollars for sewer replacement or trench-less sewer repairs or continually having to snake a sewer to try and keep it functional???? The Hydro-Jetter is a miracle piece of equipment! and having the ability of clearing lines from 1 1/2" to 24" in diameter!!! this is a game changer in keeping you systems functioning over the long haul!

Water Heater Repair


Water Heater Repair In Rancho Cucamonga & Chino Hills, CA

Rancho Cucamonga, CA We recently completed several water heater repairs in Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, and Rancho Cucamonga. The water heater repairs seem to come in waves and across all brands and manufacturers, Whirpool, Bradford White, Maytag, AO Smith, GE, and Rheem. We have Completed a few water heater warranty repairs lately on Bradford White, where we pull apart the burner compartment and replace the pilot assembly and also the gas valve control. These repairs are covered for 6 years for material by the manufacturer for materials only, and labor is covered within the first year. This is similar for most water heater brands such as, AO Smith, Maytag, Rheem, State, Whirlpool, Amercian Standard, American Appliance. With some of the home store heaters Maytag, Whirlpool, Rheem some of the parts are not "off the shelf" parts and are only available through the manufacturer! so this generally means that you will be without hot water for 2-7 days depending on when the water heater fails.

This happened to a customer in Chino hills last weekend, their Whirlpool heater died to the homeowners surprise! She called us out on Saturday at 4:00 pm we went out and diagnosed the problem and let her know she would be without hot water for several days! this did not make her a happy camper! Once we received the parts we installed them and she was able to get back to a normal life! and stated she would never buy another "Home Store" heater!

Every water heater manufacturer has problems with their products to a certain level! it's a manufactured product and stuff happens! The trick is selecting a product with the best track record overall! For us it's Bradford White! We've installed them for over 20 years with hardly an issue! not to say they haven't had their issues! They've had problems with the 1st generation (white) electronic gas valve! but overall I feel they are a fantastic product with great support! and more importantly we can get parts quickly and easily! that's where the war is won and lost! So if your water heater has died on you or is looking a little sketchy? have us take a look at it! If your heater springs a leak and know one notices it? that's when things get expensive! Don't take a chance with your home or your checkbook! Call Today for a free inspection of your heater!

(909)657-2345    (626)969-6933    (626)791-9007

We Service all Brands Bradford White, AO Smith, Maytag, Rheem, Whirlpool, State, American Standard, American Appliance, Cyclone, Noritz, Takagi, Rinnai, Bosch, GE, and many more

Plumber in San Bernardino County | Plumber San Bernardino County California
New Bradford White 40 Gallon R-16 Heater Care One Plumbing

Holly Floor & Wall Furnaces


Holly Floor & Wall Furnaces a Blast from the Past in Monrovia, CA

Monrovia, CA We recently completed repairs on an old Holly Floor Furnace for a customer in Monrovia this is a family home that her Father and Grandfather built back in the day.

Plumber in San Bernardino County | Plumber San Bernardino County California

Wall Heater Replacement & Repairs, Glendora CA

Care One Plumbing recently completed replacement of an old Holly Wall Furnace for a Glendora resident that was Red Tagged by the Gas Company for having holes in the fire box. We removed the existing heater, covers, venting, gas connections, and then prepared the opening for a new Cozy Wall Furnace.

Plumber in San Bernardino County | Plumber San Bernardino County California

Copper Repiping


Copper Repiping your Ontario California Home

Plumber in San Bernardino County | Plumber San Bernardino County California

March 10, 2011 Care One Plumbing recently completed a 2 bath copper re-pipe for a property owner in Ontario, CA 91764. The owner's tenant called him the other morning and was in a panic about water seeping out of the floor and from under the tub and toilet. The cause of the leak was a galvanized water line that had failed under the concrete slab, so rather than wasting the owner's time and money trying to repair this mess! we advised him to Copper Re-pipe and be done with it!

So the owner felt our suggestion was the best long term solution, so we proceeded with the project. Since the home was a modest size our crew was able to complete the Re-pipe in one day which included patching and clean up. The tenant was thrilled with the fast response and having to be without water for only 6-7 hours, and then not having to clean up a mess left by workman. She was also thrilled with the great water pressure and clear and clean water coming from her faucets and showers. So if your a property or apartment owner that is having water quality issues or leaks call us for a free estimate.

Benefits are great water quality, tenant retention, improved property valves, and piece of mind.

Backflow Tester


Plumber-Montclair Backflow Tester and Repair

Montclair, CA Backflow Tester

Care One Plumbing just completed a backflow device installation in Montclair, CA we also installed a high security guard shack cage to protect the device! Do you need a backflow install, repaired, or installed? Care One Plumbing is your Montclair Backflow Specialist Call Today! 909-657-2345

Plumber in San Bernardino County | Plumber San Bernardino County California Plumber in San Bernardino County | Plumber San Bernardino County California Plumber in San Bernardino County | Plumber San Bernardino County California

Rusty Water


Rusty Water? Low Water Pressure? Copper Repiping Fast

Plumber in San Bernardino County | Plumber San Bernardino County California
Care One Plumbing is your Copper Re-piping specialists we have completed many recipes for our customers, and have delighted customers all over the San Gabriel Valley, Inland Empire, and Los Angeles County. The majority of our copper re-pipes come from happy customer referrals, this is testament to the affordability and quality of the work we perform for our customers.
Replacement of Galvanized Piping is a project that most home, business, and apartment owners do not welcome, the fact of the matter can be costly and somewhat disrupting to normal everyday life. But the benefits greatly out way the drawbacks! here are some of the pros and con's......
  • Re-pipes can be Costly (there are options)
  • Temporary Loss of Water or Facilities
  • Dusty & Messy (if steps are not taken to minimize this)
  • Secondary Repairs needed (drywall & stucco patching etc. etc.)
  • One to Several Days of workman in the home
  • No More Rusty colored Bad Tasting Water!
  • No More Clogged Faucets or Shower Heads!
  • No More Low Water Pressure!
  • No More Scalding or Freezing jolts (when toilet flushed)
  • Use Multiple Fixtures at Once!
  • No long waits for Hot Water (instant hot water w/pump system)
  • Great time to upgrade or move water heater (tank-less?)
  • Add Value to your home or business!
  • Most Homes Completed in 1 Day
  • We Patch All Holes
  • And finally Clean, & Crystal Clear Water! (as clean as your water dept. delivers! if it's not so clear we can filter that also!)

This is a Great Time to upgrade to a Green Friendly Tank-less Water Heater....Save Money, Water & Natural Resources in your Home! up to $1500.00 Tax Credit & $150.00 Rebate....Going Green is a No-Brainer!!!

There are many different ways and approaches to completing a Copper Re-pipe!, and we have settled on a methods that insures the best possible outcome for the project. Our customers welcome the fast and professional Copper Re-pipes we provide for their homes, we strive to provide affordable quality solutions.....and Many Customers Agree....That's what we provide!

Raised Floor (crawl space)
The first thing we do is determine what the customer needs are, after that has been determined and okayed's we begin. We use Type "L" Copper Pipe for all pressure piping, this insures a quality end result. Type "K" Copper is available for special needs and Type "M" copper is available for budgetary concerns.
We crawl under your home and spot the locations for the tie in points for the new copper piping. We then open the walls or drill any holes required for access to the fixtures. We will then go under the home and cut out and remove the existing Galvanized piping and dispose of properly. We does this for a couple of reasons....This allows us access to the channels and paths already present in your home. When you run the new piping along side the old, it looks terrible! and if a trades person isn't concerned with the look of his or her work??? well that person won't be working on my home or job site! (and remember the straight path is always the best for Plumbing!) Also the duplicate method requires more fittings and elbows to turn back into the proper position, this increases the time & material needed to complete the job! this increases the Cost to You! and when you add unnecessary fittings and elbows that decreases the efficiency of system. So once the old piping is removed, we size the piping for proper flow and determine the most efficient path for the new copper pipes. Then we begin to run the branch mains to the different areas, from there we branch out to the individual fixtures and make the required connections.
Each fixture receive a new Shut off valve and Stainless Steel supply connector, or we tie in directly to the fixture using approved tie-in methods. We also insure that all piping is strapped securely to minimize the chance of rattling or damage to the new piping. We also ream ALL piping and use LEAD FREE Solder and WATER Soluble Soldering paste for you protection and code compliance.
Once the piping is installed we double check all connections and strapping to insure a proper job, we then pressure test the system to check for leaks, and check it again!, we then flush the system to remove debris and water soluble soldering paste and check the fixtures for proper operation and flow.
No Crawl Space Attic Access
This Copper Re-pipe is handle differently because the piping is usually in the concrete slab, here we still determine what the customer wants and needs and we plan accordingly and approve the plan prior to work beginning. This type of re pipe requires considerably more walls and access to be made due to limited access. So be prepared for a lot of drywall or stucco repairs, it is possible to install the piping without opening a lot of walls.....but it's not a good idea, because the piping can not be secured or strapped properly and is usually just stuffed into the opening leaving a questionable end result! This Job does allow for the water to be left on longer than in the raised floor home, because a second system is the only way to complete the work. The piping is sized, layed out, and installed the same as the raised floor method. We also secure, strap, and install new shut off valves and supply connectors as in the raised floor method. With this type of re-pipe we highly advise insulation of the cold water piping and suggest the hot water system. The cold water piping will absorb the ambient temperature of the attic space and you will have lukewarm water instead of cold water.
After Completion of the work the system is double checked for strapping and properly soldered joints, we then pressure test the system and re-check for leaks. We then perform flow testing and check the fixtures for proper operation.

Plumbing Repairs


Plumbing Repairs, Plumbing Maintenance & Repairs Save Money

Plumber in San Bernardino County | Plumber San Bernardino County California
At Care One Plumbing we have noted a problematic trend for many of our existing and newly acquired customers and that is differed maintenance. Now no one eagerly looks forward to home or business plumbing maintenance, we understand this! and in "challenging" economic times such as these....even less so! With today's many concerns plumbing seems low on the list of things to use precious money reserves on, and we would agree if you are living in a home or business without known plumbing issues. But if you are living with known issues that rare their annoying head on a regular basis, than it would be penny wise and pound foolish to not continue with your normal maintenance schedules. With today's high cost of plumbing products and materials it would be in your financial best interest to maintain existing fixtures and plumbing in good working order. If you have a sewer line that should be cleaned annually and try save money by not doing it, you could be in for expensive restoration or replacement costs if the roots become excessively large or collapse the line. Drains that a problematic need to be regularly cleaned or they can fail or worse, and if the line is located under the house you can have sewage collecting under your home, worse yet if the line is under the concrete slab having to break the concrete slab to repair the pipe. If you are hearing rattling or banging pipes or fixtures in your home? DON'T ignore this!!! this condition could be a failed pressure regulator, which could cost you thousands of dollars if this condition exists in your home and you have a failure of a pipe or a water heater. If you have a tankless water heater do not ignore your annual maintenance needs, and this brings us to a recent customer experience.

We recently went out to a home in Riverside CA for a tankless maintenance call, and after checking out the heater, we informed the homeowner that the heater was leaking from the heat exchanger. Well that wasn't the bad part! we change heat exchangers all the time from differed maintenance, the bad part was the heater was leaking for so long that it rotted out and damaged some other key components that needed to be replaced also. Well by the time you combined the heat exchanger the other key parts, and the labor the owner was better off replacing the heater. So what should have been a $200-250.00 maintenance call turned into a replacement of a $1300.00 5 year old tankless heater, and when you add labor into the cost of replacement it made for a very embarrassed and upset homeowner. So after we replaced the heater and corrected the improper installation, we set the homeowner up with all the manufacturer's recommended accessories needed to maintain the factory warranty and then put the homeowner on a maintenance schedule that they will be looking forward to on an annual basis. Now this is an extreme situation, but we feel that this scenario will become more common as money becomes tighter. So if your living with a plumbing problem or just routine maintenance needs, it would be in your best interest to not put maintenance on the back burner. If you have a maintenance need or concern, call us we will come out and provide you with a quick service or even a second opinion.


If you are looking for a reliable Los Angeles & San Bernardino Counties Plumbing Service, then please call (909) 657-2345 | (626) 791-9007 | (626) 969-6933 or complete our online request form .


Plumber in San Bernardino County | Plumber San Bernardino County California

Plumber in San Bernardino County | Plumber San Bernardino County California
Plumber in San Bernardino County | Plumber San Bernardino County California Plumber in San Bernardino County | Plumber San Bernardino County California


Plumber in San Bernardino County | Plumber San Bernardino County California


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Plumber in San Bernardino County | Plumber San Bernardino County California

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