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Backflow is a hazardous type of plumbing contamination that happens when potable, or drinkable, water mixes with non-potable water.

A “Backflow”condition can arise from an improper connection of a plumbing or irrigation fixture or device, this is also known as a “Cross Connection”. This situation can occur in a commercial, industrial, medical or a residential setting. Backflow devices are required to protect Potable, reclaimed, fire systems, irrigation, and industrial plumbing systems. proper Operating Backflow devices critical to ensure the health and safety of Public water systems, yours and your neighbors. Care One Plumbing are your Los Angeles & San Bernardino Counties Certified Backflow specialist’s Call today for testing, repairs, and new installations! We are familiar with all local cities and water districts standards and requirements. No matter the type of backflow problem you’re facing, it’s imperative to fix backflow as quickly as possible.


Our Backflow Services:

  • Backflow Testing
  • Backflow Repair
  • Backflow Installation
  • Backflow Servicing
Backflow Testing

Backflow testing protects potable water from contamination with wastewater, and checks pressure systems to assess your backflow risk. Regular backflow testing ensures clients, customers, and employees aren’t faced with hazardous exposure to contaminated water, and any existing hazards are caught quickly.

Backflow Repair

Backflow repair access and address any potential or existing problems your plumbing system may have with backflow. If your Backflow device is leaking, backflow repair services ensure valves are operating as they’re required to and keeping your potable and non-potable water flows separate.

Backflow Installation

A failing backflow valve may require replacement to ensure it continues operating correctly. Care One Plumbing backflow installation services install brand new backflow valves to replace failing ones, and we also install entirely new backflow prevention systems. New backflow installation prevents hazards caused by valve breakdown.

Backflow Servicing

Care One Plumbing backflow servicing keeps valves and backflow devices running as they should throughout time, and repairs failures after breakdown(s). Like other aspects of your plumbing systems, backflow valves and prevention systems can experience breakdown over time and leave you susceptible to hazardous contamination exposure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of property owners need backflow certification?

Any property, commercial, industrial, or residential where a possible cross-connection contamination exists are required by Health & Safety standards to have an approved Backflow Device installed on their water main to protect public health.

Who can test backflow?

Backflow Testing is required to be completed by a county approved Tester testing in that specific county.

What can fail on backflow preventers?

Backflow prevention systems use seals, springs, and moving parts that are all susceptible to wear over time.

Why do backflow preventers need to be regularly tested?

Backflow preventers are comprised of many different parts, all of which need to work correctly together. Testing ensures all parts are working as they should.

How often are backflow tests necessary?

Health & Public Safety standards require yearly testing and certification of a Backflow device to ensure proper operation and protection of the public and private water systems.