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For commercial locations, a plumbing problem can quickly turn into a disaster.

With some plumbing issues like backups or burst pipes, businesses can be rendered unusable or uninhabitable for extended periods of time, losing commercial businesses thousands of dollars or more. For particularly destructive or hazardous plumbing problems, damage may even be done to irreplaceable documents, important files, and valuable merchandise. Commercial plumbing services ensure commercial properties are safe and functional no matter the size of the business or type of property it rests on.


Our Commercial Plumbing Services:

  • Compressed Air Systems and Piping
  • Gas Piping Systems — Standard & Medium Pressure
  • Commercial Water Heaters
  • Copper and Specialty Piping
  • Building Sewer and Drain Piping
  • Restroom Additions
  • Backflow Protection Devices
  • Water Conservation Products
  • Condensate Drainage
  • Pump Systems Booster & Sewage
Compressed Air Systems and Piping

Compressed air systems and piping services include installations, repairs, and inspections on all systems located on local area commercial properties.

Gas Piping Systems — Standard & Medium Pressure

Keep gas-piping systems safe and working correctly with professional commercial services on all standard and medium pressure commercial units.

Commercial Water Heaters

A water heater breakdown can spell disaster for many businesses. Commercial water heater services ensure you’re never found without hot water for long.

Copper and Specialty Piping

No matter the type of piping used on your commercial property, Care One Plumbing professionals are prepared with commercial plumbing services.

Building Sewer and Drain Piping

Avoid potentially devastating and hazardous backups or breakdowns with commercial building sewer and drain piping. Services include installation, repair, and regular servicing.

Restroom Additions

Converting commercial properties for new businesses means finding yourself with new needs. Restroom additions provide more restroom spaces for employees, customers, and clients.

Backflow Protection Devices

Backflow water contamination is a devastating and hazardous problem for any business. The installation, service, and repair of backflow protection devices ensure clean potable water.

Water Conservation Products

Water conservation isn’t only eco-friendly, it’s also economically friendly. Water conservation product installation saves commercial properties the environmental and financial cost of wasting water.

Condensate Drainage

Condensate drainage ensures that all excess moisture created by the HVAC system finds its way out of commercial buildings, rather than leading to leaks within ceilings and walls.

Pump Systems Booster & Sewage

Booster pumps are machines that increase the pressure of fluid, and ensure sewage makes it back to public wastewater systems where it belongs without contamination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can my business get up and running after a plumbing problem?

Care One Plumbing strives to be there when you need us, ensuring your business is up and running again as quickly as possible.

How often should my commercial property be inspected?

Inspections should be carried out on commercial properties at least twice per year.

What damage can a burst pipe do to my business?

Depending on the location of the pipe and the damage experienced, this number can vary. The average claim cost after a burst pipe is around $17,000.

How long does a commercial bathroom addition take?

Commercial bathroom additions can vary, but generally take around 4.5 weeks to complete.

Can commercial properties stay open during plumbing services?

During most plumbing services and repairs commercial businesses can stay open as long as no hazardous materials are exposed.