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Wall and floor heater services ensure that all heating systems are working properly when you need them the most.

From repairs to inspections, a safe and functioning heating system is a happy heating system, and Care One Plumbing heating professionals are here to keep your systems running happily all year long. As your local furnace experts, we perform inspections before the cold weather season sets in, and any issues found in your wall and floor-heating systems will be repaired just in time for when it’s time for them to kick on.

Wall Heaters

Wall heating systems are most frequently used in small rooms of residences and office spaces where valuable floor space shouldn’t be taken up by heating. Wall heaters may also be installed and used in spaces that run just a little cold, making them a popular choice for those finishing attics and basements.

Wall heating installation, service, and repair ensure that these types of heating systems are in place right where needed, and they continue to run efficiently in keeping the area reliably warm. Care One Plumbing wall heating services include inspections, which should be carried out on systems annually to ensure all small issues are fixed promptly.

Floor Heaters

Floor heating systems include methods like floor vents all the way to underfloor radiant heat using coils located under the flooring of a space. Floor heating systems are incredibly common in both homes and businesses of the area, and require the same services and repairs as their wall mounted counterparts.

Care One Plumbing floor heater services include inspections and repairs, which should be carried out annually before the start of the cold weather season. With regular inspection, any issues within floor heating systems can be caught early, leading to quicker and simpler repairs before the seasonal chill sets in. Trained professionals should only carry out floor heating inspection and repairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my heater breaks down during off-hours?

Care One Plumbing strives to provide services on your time, and this includes urgent need for wall or floor heating services.

Can wall heating be used in larger spaces?

Wall heating can be installed into larger spaces, but may not provide necessary warmth to cover a wide area alone.

When should I have my heating systems inspected?

Heating systems should be inspected during the summer each year. Summer inspections ensure repairs can be carried out before autumn.

Does my heating system effect indoor air quality?

Your pushed air heating system can affect your indoor air quality, and regular inspection can catch any issues potentially impacting your air.

Does servicing my heating keep it eco-friendly?

Regular heating services catch any problems that may be causing your system to waste unnecessary energy.