Ontario Leak Detection and Slab Leaks

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A leak often remains invisible in residential and commercial properties until serious damage has been done.

Leak detection pinpoints and repairs slab leaks under concrete foundations and pinhole leaks within walls at any stage in the life of a leak. From the first suspicion of a leak, to the presence of mold growth or visible wet spots, Care One Plumbing professionals can detect the source of the leak and the best course of action to get the leak patched up and remedied.


Our Leak Detection Services:

  • Leak Detection
  • Pipe Tracing
  • Location Services
Leak Detection

Modern leak detection strategies are able to find even the smallest of leaks located in water systems, drains, toilets, and more. Methods used to detect leaks include infrared, laser technology, sound technology, and hydrostatic testing, each with their own benefits for detecting different types of leaks in slab and in walls.

Pipe Tracing

Pipe tracing services should be carried out before any new addition is made to your property. From additions to pools or hot tubs, pipe tracing ensures no plumbing pipe is running under the area you plan to modify, helping you to avoid damaging the pipe and causing difficult leaks. Pipe tracing gives you an accurate roadmap of all pipe located under your foundation and on your property.

Location Services

If you’re not sure where your plumbing or sewer lines rest on your property, location services are here to help. Professional Care One Plumbing plumbers work to locate all necessary pipes and lines located under your foundation or otherwise on your property, giving you an accurate knowledge base of where plumbing obstacles may arise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are early signs of a plumbing leak?

Some early signs of a plumbing leak include water meter ticking, increased water bills, and mildew growth.

How can I tell if water is leaking under my slab?

With water leaks under a slab one may experience warped flooring, water pooling, and a mildew smell.

When should I have location services?

If you plan to plant a large tree, build a pool, or make an addition on your home one should first seek out location services.

Are leaks hazardous?

Leaks located under the slab or within walls are extremely hazardous and may lead to electrical fires or mold growth.

When should I call for leak detection services?

Leak detection and repair should only be left to the professionals, and it’s always recommended to call as soon as possible.