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Sewer line repair ensures that all wastewater created by your home or business is carried out to public sewers safely and efficiently.

Too often property owners don’t realize sewer line repair is needed until a big problem occurs. If the water levels in your toilets are fluctuating, it could be the sign of a backup or leak within your sewer line. If an unusual odor comes from basements, toilets, or the ground on the property, sewer repair may be your next course of action.


Our Sewer Line Repair Services:

  • Broken, Cracked Pipes
  • Root Infiltration
  • Corrosion
  • Leaking Joints
  • Trenchless Sewer Line Repairs
  • Pipe Bursting Services
  • Cure in Place Liners
  • Hydro jetting
Broken, Cracked Pipes

Care One Plumbing sewer line repair detects and fixes broken or cracked pipes in your sewer line where wastewater may leak out.

Root Infiltration

Tree roots can cause quite a bit of damage to your sewer line. Care One Plumbing sewer line repair takes care of current and future infiltration.


Corrosion to sewer lines is natural over time, but it’s a problem that must be fixed before it’s allowed to go too far.

Leaking Joints

The joints where one pipe meets another can grow loose or develop leaks over time, allowing wastewater to seep through into the ground.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repairs

Care One Plumbing professional trenchless sewer line repair services take care of sewer repairs in a less invasive way to your property.

Pipe Bursting Services

Pipe Bursting is a minimally invasive way to restore your home or business’s sewer system today.

Cure in Place Liners

Cure in place lining is a trenchless and non-invasive method to repairing existing sewer pipelines using a resin coated flexible tube liner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my PVC pipe sewer lines last?

PVC sewer line piping is built to last and may last 100 years before replacement with regular repair.

Does insurance cover sewer line repair?

In most cases, homeowners insurance does not cover sewer line repair or resulting damages if issues are left too long.

Can sewer repairs wait?

Sewer line problems turn into large problems quickly. When a repair need is suspected, always call a professional plumber right away.

When should lines be inspected?

The need for repair is often found through inspection, and an inspection should be carried out at least once per year.

What causes sewer line obstruction?

Flushing bay or fulushable wipes, allowing grease down drains, and exposure to solids can all cause sewer line obstruction.