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Tankless water heaters work to provide hot water on demand.

Rather than being stored in a storage tank, tankless water heaters pull cold water through coil pipes and into the unit, and then heat that water using a gas burner or electric element. Because tankless water heaters do not rely on storage tanks, they are able to provide a continuous stream of hot water as long as the water heater is regularly serviced by a plumbing professional and working properly.


Our Tankless Water Heater Services:

  • Proper & Safe Heater Placement
  • Proper Gas Sizing to the Heater
  • Proper Venting Practices
  • Installation of Scale Prevention Filter
  • Installation of Isolation Service Valves
  • Proper Connection of Water, Gas, and Electrical Connections
  • Contact Gas Co. for Proper Meter Sizing
Proper & Safe Heater Placement

Care One Plumbing plumbing professionals ensure your tankless water heater is placed and installed safely and properly for long lasting peace of mind.

Proper Gas Sizing to the Heater

For tankless water heaters using gas burners to heat water, Care One Plumbing professionals ensure proper gas sizing to any tankless hot water heater.

Proper Venting Practices

When gas is used to heat water in tankless water heaters, it will give off potentially dangerous fumes. Proper venting practices ensure that all fumes are taken safely outside.

Installation of Scale Prevention Filter

Scale prevention filters save tankless water heaters from the buildup and subsequent damages caused by scale found in mineral-rich hard water.

Installation of Isolation Service Valves

Professional installation of isolation service valves by Care One Plumbing plumbers provides efficient shut-off for maintenance and safety of your tankless water heater.

Proper Connection of Water, Gas, and Electrical Connections

With professional experience, Care One Plumbing plumbers ensure proper connection of your tankless water heater to water, gas, and all necessary electrical elements.

Contact Gas Co. for Proper Meter Sizing

Our professionals will contact your gas company to be absolutely certain of all proper meter sizing associated with your tankless water heater.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of properties are a good fit for tankless water heaters?

Tankless water heaters may be a good fit for both commercial and residential properties, and can save space without the need for a tank.

Are tankless water heaters energy efficient?

For residences that use 41 gallons of hot water or less per day, tankless options are between 24 and 34% more energy efficient.

Are tankless water heaters economically efficient?

On top of saving on energy costs, tankless water heaters will also typically last longer than those with tanks.

How much longer do tankless water heaters last?

The average tankless water heater has a lifespan of more than 20 years, while a tank version will last 10 to 12 on average.

Should I choose gas or electric?

Choosing a gas or electric tankless water heater depends on your home and the investment you wish to make.